How to protect your ferrari from theft

As a Ferrari owner, you know that after you have added this prized vehicle to your investment portfolio, it pays to take care of it properly. Routine Ferrari maintenance, appropriate insurance, careful driving and care all play a part in how well your Ferrari drives into the future. However, one important aspect of Ferrari care that you will not want to forget is protecting your automotive treasure from theft.

In the long term, Ferrari Prices depend on how you use the Ferrari. If it is a show piece that stays indoors, then protection is much simplified. If you drive the vehicle outdoors, then some steps are in order to ensure that your vehicle remains safe from harm.

Simple precautions can help prevent big crimes, such as auto theft. When you leave the vehicle, always secure it, and make sure to park in well-lit areas where there are a lot of people walking around. When you park the vehicle, turn the wheels sharply toward the curb, to make it harder for car thieves to tow away the car. Don't leave Ferrari accessories in open view inside the vehicle. Also do not leave the registration or title inside the car.

Other steps that can help prevent theft include adding visible and audible anti-theft devices to the car. Brake locks can help. Steering wheel locks that keep the wheels stationary make your car more theft-proof. Tire locks and deflators can deter a thief, because they take too much time to deal with, thus making your car less attractive to a would-be thief. VIN etching, when the VIN number is etched onto the glass of the windshield and windows can be one option you might consider in protecting your vehicle. Loud alarms also let a thief know your car is safeguarded against theft.

Computer chips can help deter a thief from stealing your Ferrari. Some ignition keys come equipped with chips that do not let someone bypass the vehicle's ignition. Preventive devices such as cut offs to the fuse; kill switches; disablers that deactivate the fuel pump, ignition and starter; and wireless ignition authentication all help to prevent theft. Tracking devices are very useful in assisting police in finding stolen vehicles. Some of these combine wireless capabilities with GPS systems, so that if the car is moved, it can be tracked on the computer. Many Ferraris also come equipped with peripheral interior monitoring anti-lift anti-theft protection, which is a camera system that is used within the car to detect movement inside the vehicle. Even when you are not with your new Ferrari, your vehicle's computer system is working round the clock to protect your car. Employing several or all of these ideas can keep your car safe.

About the Author: Jonathon Blocker is a Ferrari aficionado who is intimate with the history and variety of Ferraris and has developed an expertise on the family of Ferrari Cars, both new and collectible.

Saturn center shoulder seatbelt for safe driving

by Anthony Fontanelle

By September 1 this year, the US Department of Transportation said, the rear and center seats of all vehicles will have to be equipped with a safety seatbelt. Cars like the General Motor's Saturn line that have front-facing rear and center seats, are required to fit in a Type-2 integral lap-and-shoulder safety seatbelt. The transportation department order, proposed in September 2005, asked auto manufacturers that same year to begin equipping their cars in production with a rear and center seatbelt. For older Saturn and other makes that were rolled out of the assembly plant prior to the order, car owners can get their Saturn seatbelt in the aftermarket segment of the automotive industry.

A Type-2 Saturn shoulder seatbelt is a lap-and-sash safety belt built in one continuous webbing. The harness on the lap and shoulders of the Saturn center seatbelt helps spread out the energy of the moving body over the chest, pelvis, and shoulders. Tests have shown that in an impact the body keeps moving until the slack is taken out of the restraint. But then the body must be abruptly stopped to "catch up" with the car. The ergonomic design of the Saturn center shoulder seatbelt allows the safety harness to be placed low on the passenger's hipbones, so that the belt loads will be taken by the strong skeleton of the human body. If a safety belt is improperly positioned on your abdomen, it can cause internal injuries. If it is positioned on one's thighs, rather than the hipbones, the seatbelt cannot effectively limit the body's forward motion.

Because the lower end of the Saturn center shoulder seatbelt is usually fastened to the safety belt buckle called the buckle insert, the buckle seatbelt is positioned on the side of the passenger's hip. This differs from the central location of the buckle common on most safety seatbelt. When the safety buckle of the Saturn center shoulder seatbelt is tightened on the hips, the belt makes an angle of about 55 degrees with the centerline of the car cabin. Together with the webclamps and pretensioners that rein in the Saturn seatbelt, this operating angle allows the seatbelt to resist the upward pull of the shoulder belts, reducing the risk of internal injury to the passengers.

About the Author

Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.

Intimidate your off-roading

by Evander Klum

Irritated with your Jeep muffler? Or just can't get through a terrain?

Allow your off-road travel to be intimidated by movies to give you the drive in getting your Jeep through a tough terrain.

"On Any Sunday" This historical documentary pays tribute to motorcycle fanatic Steve McQueen. It takes a very close look at racers and enthusiasts. Directed by Bruce Brown and released in 1971, it features capturing the thrill and freedom of what was happing with racing in the late 60s, and off-road adventure itself. Rick Deremo, ex-professional-motocross-rider-turned-rock-racer, says he likes the fact that this movie brings out his competitive nature as this was one movie that got him pumped to go wheeling.

"Dust to Glory" This documentary directed by Dana Brown caught the Baja 1000 fever. This features combined talents in the off-road world that resulted to superb footage of the famous (Robby Gordon, Jimmy Vassar, Mario Andretti) and the unknown for an affliction to the toughest desert racers in the world. This was filled with motorcycles, buggies and trophy trucks, and was able to capture the beauty, isolation and magic that surround the rotten desert race any off-roader dreams of doing.

Dirt Sports Editorial Director and author of the race chronicle book "1000 Miles to Glory" Marty Fiolka, is the associate producer of "Dust to Glory".

"Haulin' or Crawlin' Series" Pat Gallagher, President and Founder of RP Films, can land a great piece of terrain action when it comes to getting the most exposure in the off-road sport of professional rock crawling. RP Films produces the fierce 4x4 off-road and rock crawling videos and DVDs dubbed as Haulin' or Crawlin' series - number 4 was just released this spring.

Professional rock crawler Jesse Haines says Haulin' or Crawlin' exudes "the best rock crawlers in the world on some of the craziest obstacle".

"Cannonball Run" This features scenes where Jackie Chan takes his Subaru wheeling. This wacky film stars Burt Reynolds, Dom DeLuise, and a whole host of other misfits like Sammy Davis Jr., Jamie Farr, and Terry Bradshaw. What's so interesting about this is that this movie was based on a series of real races started by Brock Yates of Car & Driver Magazine.

"The Road Warrior" Set in the desolated Australian Outback, this movie is about a post-apocalypse world, where natural resources and humanity has vanished, introducing unheard modifications to monster vehicles. Mad Max, actor Mel Gibson gets his badass 1973 XB GT Ford Falcon Coupe, called "The Pursuit Special" but also referred to as "The Interceptor" in the first movie. Here, modifications to this dark police vehicle included the Concorde front end and the supercharger bulging through the bonnet. The Road Warrior, the rear wheels, supercharger and pipes were altered. Huge petrol tanks were located in the back.

Movies can really be intimidating. But just be sure not to be over intimidated for you might just encounter danger.

About the Author

Evander Klum is a Business Administration graduate who hails from Alabama. He enjoys extreme sports and he is also a car racing fanatic. At present, he works as a marketing manager at an advertising agency in Cleveland.