Bad time in Traffic

By Abhimanyu Singh

The administration of the day has no solution to commuters.

Different people have different traffic experiences while commuting from their homes to their work places in the same city. The fact of the matter is that within a same city road and traffic infrastructure are not developed with uniform standards. Apart from the difference in infrastructural development the population and traffic density are important in judging the quality of traffic upkeep and management.

Jolie Kapoor lives in East Delhi. She has to commute from her home to work place by public transport. The distance of about 30 km in the morning is covered within close to two hours while it takes her more than two and half hours of travel back home in the evening.

“The morning and the evening traffic are usually stuck at a road stretch of about 3 km and at three intersections which we must go through,” she informs. According to her the traffic moves at snail’s pace and half of the commute time is lost in that maze.

Her office being in a busy industrial pocket there are no bypasses or alternate routes available. The administration has no plans to find a solution here like in many chock-a-block situations in the city.

Despite flyovers and widened roads it is not a smooth and uninterrupted flow of traffic as in major peripheral parts of the city where one arterial road feeds major population areas. There being little room for road safety in India, as is the common situation in India, traffic safety in India is the first casualty in such scenarios.

The situation repeats itself just everywhere – be it Bangalore traffic, Mumbai, Delhi or Chennai traffic, it seems the chaos has only one pattern just all over these places no matter how different these places are, geographically, culturally or economically.

And then the road rage. You will find such impatient flouters of road laws uniformly just everywhere too.

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