The Myths Behind Drinking And Driving

By John L. Matthews

Oh yes, DUI. You've heard it all before. In almost every car accident case you will hear, it's most likely another drunk driver who's driving late from a party and who got too much alcohol on his system that he speed and ran onto a pedestrian. Fear got into him and away he fled. A classic case of hit and run.

Of course it's no longer some sensational news. We hear it very often. And we even tell ourselves, "Me, a drunk driver? Hey, I'm not going to be doing that in my lifetime." But what actually is surprising as far as statistics show is that many of these drivers caught under the influence of alcohol are not really habitual drinkers themselves. It is most likely that these drivers have underestimated the real effects of alcohol in their ability to drive carefully.

Blame it to the myths surrounding alcohol and driving. Most people have different misconceptions about it, but one thing is certain: these misconceptions can be really dangerous. To know the truth means drawing a fine line between life and death as far as driving is concerned. So what are those myths that surround alcohol?

1.) Alcohol stimulates the mind.

This is entirely false. In fact, alcohol is actually a depressant, which depresses cognitive functions of the brain.

2.) A cup of coffee can sober a drunken person.

The effects of coffee does not in any way wear off the effects of alcohol. It only makes you awake, but your brain functions are in an altered state, and will only wear off by time.

3.) Drinking beer will make you less drunk than drinking hard liquor (e.g. scotch, brandy, gin)

It actually doesn't matter if you drink beer or whisky. It's the same depressant found on all liquors, and the effects are all the same. Drinking a 12-ounce bottle of beer gives the same intoxicating effect as a one-ounce shot of gin.

4.) Taller and bigger people can handle alcohol better than slimmer, shorter ones.

There are other major factors that can affect the rate of alcohol being absorbed into your body. It's not just body size, but also your metabolism, the food you ate and the amount of rest you had prior to drinking liquor.

5.) Cold water splashed on the face will take away the drunkenness.

This doesn't work at all. Period.

6.) Driving slower can greatly reduce the risk of any road accident.

Whatever the speed you're driving, the fact that your motor reflexes are impaired makes you no less dangerous.

There are actually more myths surrounding drinking and driving, but one thing's for sure: drinking and driving don't mix. Time and again, the wise adage holds true: if you drink - don't drive, and if you drive - don't drink.

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