Indian traffic - famous for infamous Road rage

By Parthiv

The kind of chaos seen on the roads of Delhi or in Mumbai or Calcutta is nowhere to see in the world. No.of accidental death or cases of road rage and consequent death is rising on the Indian road. Hence, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Indian road traffic is more famous for infamous road rages and Road accidental deaths.

Traffic Mayhem - A truly right choice of words suitable to describe for the Conditions on our Indian metro road. I was wondering is there any factors that cause this traffic mayhem in our everyday Life. In addition, if that is so, why don’t we do some hard endeavors to remove out those stumbling blocs creating this traffic mayhem? Thankfully, suddenly breaking news flashed on my T.V screen that BMC (Bombay Mahanagar Corporation) has failed to meet the deadline set by Mumbai high court to fill all the Potholes on the Mumbai Road by 30th of august. This was a most interesting point and a food for thought for me and of course most hilarious that the honorable high court has to Intervene in the matters of Public works department, responsible for up-keep of the road.

India is fast emerging as the most favored nation of all the Motor manufacturing company who is coming every now and then to set up their base because Indian customer’s base is huge and have the Buying potential of these vehicles . But it is a irony that Neither the govt. of India nor any Vehicle manufacturer are coming forward to set up the base for the Driving school on the international standard and giving emphasis to the traffic laws and rules for each & every individual seeking license To drive on the roads .

Another interesting piece of sample, which came to my notice that a recent survey & research made in USA that the women are worst driver while parking the vehicle or getting the vehicle reversed. It was found that in most of the accidents at the parking place and otherwise involving women driver causing accidents while reversing the car or getting their car out of the car parked row. This is just a survey and not an anti-feminist idea .So, its time now for the women to get proper training while parking and reversing the car. This is another fit case to be said why accidents do occur on the road.

Therefore, in nutshell, we are the part and particle of the cause of this mayhem on the road and if we wish so, we can be the Part and particle of the solution of this mayhem. Therefore, it is up to us to decide to both further the problem and become cause of the road mayhem or to become part and factors of the Solution of the problem.

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