Traveling Safely Alongside with Trucks

By Rainier Policarpio

Trucks share a vital role in transporting goods such as livestock, equipment, garments and other essential products for businesses and trades. These large vehicles somehow occupy significant portion of our thoroughfares. Thus, most of the motorists are caught unaware of the possible dangers they are facing whenever they share the road with them. The massive size and weight of these trailers make them capable of causing serious damages. Hence, this piece of writing will try to impart several tips on how to avoid being engaged in truck related accidents.

It is quite important for all the drivers to execute due cautiousness whenever they travel on the roads. However, they should follow these precautionary measures especially if they move along with trucks:
1) Keep your vehicle out of the truck blind spots. The truck drivers have the great probability of not seeing you in these unsafe areas. These spots include the truck’s rear and certain portions on its sides. In order to determine if the truck driver has a full view of your vehicle, try to look at the driver’s side mirrors. If you o not see those mirrors, then you are on the blind spot and must maneuver your vehicle to a much safer area away from the truck.
2) Maintain a secured distance from the truck. Generally, it is safe enough to keep 20 to 25 car lengths from the rear end of the truck. This sizable space will enable you to have a clear view of the trailer’s front and gives you much time to stop or steer your vehicle in case of traffic congestion or road accident; keeping you away from possible harm and injuries.
3) Be careful when trying to pass a large trailer. However, it is also necessary to maintain a safe distance from the truck even when already on its front. This will give the truck driver to step on the brake and slow down if you have also reduced your speed.
4) Better yet, move your vehicle to another lane away from the path of the truck. Most of our highways are wide enough for several motorists. Doing this move will definitely hinder these trucks from harming you.
5) Utilize your signal lights when needed. The other drivers should know if you want to make a turn or stop. This will warn them of your impending actions.
Understanding the potential scenarios when driving alongside with trucks and performing these safety measures will prevent an individual from engaging with road tragedies. Nonetheless, if ever you have incurred an injury from a truck related accident, consult a truck accident lawyer, who has the expertise on personal injury laws and injury claim suits, for proper advice and representation on whatever legal actions you can pursue. The laws indeed entitle the injured victims to recover sufficient amount of damages. Meanwhile, it is up to you if you would make the most out of these rights. Hire your most trusted competent legal advocate and be guided accordingly.

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