Drowse and Drive: How to Prevent Accident

By Atty. Gabriel Cosh

Those who have driven before knows the constitution necessary to stays awake while at the wheel. Falling asleep at the wheel accounts for some of the most devastating road accidents. Since the person as fault is asleep during these accidents, the impact of the collision is usually with great force. The injuries also are severe especially against the person who is asleep at the wheel since he is not ever remotely aware of the impending accident and has no conscious effort to protect or brace himself or herself for impact.

Reports showed that people who were involved in these kinds of accidents are those who usually tend to party hard all night and try to beat daybreak in order to go to work. However, even those who have self control and are responsible persons sometimes succumb to drowsing while driving. Other than people who are deprived of sleep due to long hours of work, even well rested individuals tend to get sleepy during long drives.

It is always better to park your car or get some rest at a gas station or diner to shake off the snooze. However, if it’s a matter of life and death or you are just the type of person who needs to be somewhere fast, these tips could probably save your life, especially others, whom you will be endangering by pushing yourself and driving sleepy.

1. As I advised earlier, try to take a break. Go to get gas and buy a soda or coffee. You can also go for a bathroom break or grab a bite at a diner.
2. If you have a companion, engage in active conversion. It helps too if you take turns driving.
3. If you have something to eat in your car, try to consume candy or anything with sugar or caffeine. It also helps to chew food that makes noise like chips to keep your senses working.
4. Listen to not so soothing music. Also it works if you listen to a conversation on the radio.
5. Ultimately, if you have day worth of driving to do, the best thing to do is to take a nap. You can take a nap at a nearby motel. Do not try to take a nap inside your car though, you might get monoxide poisoning or even get victimized by lawless elements in the area.

Although the above tips could probably save you from certain disasters, it is best not to toy with your life as well as others. Be responsible, don’t drowse and drive.

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