Which Is The Best Mapping Or Non Mapping GPS Tracking Systems

By Darren Allsop

The day and age of getting lost and having to find a place to stop and ask for directions is gone. Now you would no longer have to ask for directions with the invention of GPS tracking systems. Theses systems can direct you to your destination, with no need to stop and ask a stranger. There are many models to choose from, it may be difficult to know which one is ideal for yourself.

GPS units are usually separated by use so the first thing to consider when looking at which GPS system to purchase is to determine exactly what uses it is going to have. If you are looking for a GPS for your car, receivers are made just for use in cars and other motor vehicles and can be part of a navigation system or not.

If your a biker or hiker then obviously a car gps system should not be your choice, instead choose one of the many handheld gps systems. There are two types of receivers with handheld gps systems, non-mapping and mapping. With handhelds it would be advisable to carry a paper map also. GPS units are excellent tools but run on batteries can become defective if dropped and depending on the model may or may not be water proof.

Below are some features you should receive with a non mapping receiver. Displays your exact location, the direction you are heading, what time it is, miles you have travelled, route back to where you started journey, and the route to your destination. It will also record the route you have taken to arrive at your destination.

Mapped gps devices are the same as non mapped devices. But with the extra feature of displaying computer maps. Which can be downloaded or pre-loaded by the manufacture.

Handheld PDA's can be another alternative for gps systems. These delightful personal data assistants now come with GPS capabilities or with a unit you can plug your PDA in that provides GPS access.

Finally there is a GPS made for marine or boat use. The gps systems sailors have different features than the more conventional gps system. Boats do not use maps unless in a designated water way.

GPS tracking systems are great devices for tracking your position if you are lost.

They are a great alternative for those large papers maps and are a great time saver. If you do a lot of driving, hiking, camping, or boating having a GPS unit is a good investment.

No more worries when you've lost your new gps tracking system will guide you to your destination.

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